How to Brighten Skin Naturally


SophytoPRO is a completely ‘green’ company that uses environmentally safe methods to produce skin care products with organically grown agricultural ingredients. Where other topically applied products will introduce chemicals and toxins that seep into your body, SophytoPRO is pure, natural, and cleansing.

LifeStyle MD proudly supports SophytoPRO’s vision of skin care that is friendly to both the environment of our planet, and the microorganic environment of our skin. We offer several of their products to you, but today, we will be talking about the SophytoPRO Pure Brightening Treatment.

What does SophytoPRO Pure Brightening Treatment do for my skin?

SophytoPRO’s Pure Brightening Treatment is a natural formula that is non-abrasive and free of damaging toxins and chemicals. It utilizes SophytoPRO’s botanical ingredient Fructozyme™ to gently buff away the dead skin cells that layer on your skin’s surface, evening out your complexion.

It hydrates and infuses your skin with vitamins, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and combat cellular aging, and studies have yielded reports from its users of more smooth, refined skin.

While other products may claim to even skin tone, many of them achieve their effects through the use of harsh chemicals and processes that could further damage your skin, or introduce toxins into your body. The SophytoPRO Pure Brightening Treatment is gentle, all-natural, and supports your skin’s natural processes.

What is Fructozyme™?

Fructozyme™ is a multi-usage botanical cosmetic ingredient that incorporates a keratolytic and mechanical action to even skin tone. This complex is 100% pure botanical-based and offers a more progressive solution to enhancing all skin colors and skin types.

Some of Fructozyme’s all-natural ingredients:

Acerola Cherry Fruit Extract: Known in the tropics as the “health tree”, acerola cherries are the richest known source of vitamin C. In addition to its vitamin content, acerola contains mineral salts, which have shown to aid in the remineralization of tired and stressed skin.

Pineapple Fruit Extract: Pineapple is a natural source of bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins and digests only the dead cells on the surface of the skin, leaving living cells beneath intact.

Amethyst Powder: This fine gemstone powder offers superior mechanical micro-exfoliation which helps to loosen dead skin cells and debris. This type of exfoliation is ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry, because it does not contain harsh, scrubbing agents that can tear and damage the skin.

Green Micro-Algae Extract: A fresh water algae that’s organically farmed. The extract is made from broken cell wall algae and is used for its natural chelating properties and high protein content. Chlorella contains 19 to 22 essential and non-essential amino acids and a respectable amount of vitamins. Its beneficial properties help purify and energize the skin.

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